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  1. LATUS Resodont

    Cement resorcinol-formalin Use for the root canal filling after pulp extirpation and periodontal treatment in dentistry.
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  2. proclean S

    Powder for brushing teeth by abrasive jet Use for professional toothbrushing, plaque removal and soft deposits.
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  3. LATUS Therafil-31

    Light cure restorative composite Use for filling of carious cavities of I and II class and the opaque layer of all cavities, restore the anatomical shape of the crown parts of teeth in therapeutic dentistry.Composition and main characteristic
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    Wooden wedges for fixation. Used to create an interdental space for the installation of matrices or separation plates, as well as for additional fixing of the matrices and ensuring their better.
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  5. Latelux Flow system kit

    Microhybrid flowable light cure restorative composite Use for filling V class carious cavities, eliminating minor defects of enamel and cosmetic correction of dental restorations in therapeutic dentistry.
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  6. LATUS Ionolat

    Glass polyalkenate filling cement. Use for cavities I and II classes restorations of the second and baby teeth in dentistry.
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  7. Replex- LC

    Light cure calcium hydroxide liner. Use at the deep caries treatment for protection of the pulp from bacterial, chemical, termal and mechanical influence in dentistry restorations.
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  8. Tempolat- С

    Self cure cement for temporary crowns. Is intended for use in dentistry for the manufacture of temporary crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays and coatings.
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  9. Hemalat Forte

    Hemostatic agent Use as a hemostatic agent in capillary bleeding from the gums and root canal in dentistry.
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  10. Iodotemp 25

    Iodotemp 25 (Iodotemp 25) paste - for acute and chronic periodontitis, by temporary filling (2-3 days) of the tooth canals in order to stop inflammation and disinfection. Manufacturer Latus (Ukraine).
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  11. Latus Peroxidam

    Liquid rubber dam.Use for the isolation of soft tissues when teeth are whitened in cases of risk of irritation.
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  12. Soft- Etch

    Etching gel Use for creation of micro on enamel and short time on dentine surface in front of drawing bonding or sealant.
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  13. FIXALAT Dual Auto mixing syringe

    Dual cure fixing cement Fixalat dual is intended for permanent fixation of plastic and combined crowns, bridges made of polymer materials, as well as endodontic posts with a metal base.Cement can also be used for the manufacture of temporary orthopedic structures.
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  14. THERAFIL- 21

    Self cure hybrid composite Use for filling of carious cavities of all classes, restore the anatomical shape of the crown parts of teeth in therapeutic dentistry
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  15. Reoliner- LC

    Light cure base liner.Use as isolating and dempfing base liner under composites in dentistry restorations.
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  16. LATUS Calcisole

    Hydroxide calcium regeneration paste Use as base liner at deep caries treatment for the pulp protection from bacterial & chemical influence in dentistry restorations.
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  17. Ionolat- BL

    Glass ionomer luting cement.Use for restorative composite and amalgam liner, for desiduous teeth (I and II classes) in filling dentistry.
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  18. Ftorcalcit- E

    Saline system for deep fluoridization of the enamel Use in prophylactics mani- pulates on teeth enamel in dentistry.
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  19. Ftorcalcit- D

    Saline system for deep fluoridization of the dentine Use in prophylactics manipu-lates on teeth dentine in dentistry.
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  20. Ftoroplen- LC

    Preventive fluoride light cure varnish Use for applying a fluorine coating on teeth surface for prophylaxis of caries in dentistry. Keep in cool, protected from atmospheric fallouts and direct sunbeams.
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  21. LATUS Ftoroplen

    Prophylactic fluoride releasing varnish Use for fluoride caries prevention, removal of tooth hypersensitivity, as well as to prevent the living teeth, prepared under the denture.
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  22. Monotex self etch

    Light curing self etch bond Use for enamel and dentine as bonding agent in dentistry.
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  23. Matrix strips

    Matrix strips Used in therapeutic dentistry for interdental separation in the formation of seals II, III and IV classes.
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