Iodotemp 25

Iodotemp 25
Iodotemp 25
Product Description

Iodotemp 25 (Iodotemp 25) paste - for  acute and chronic periodontitis, by temporary filling (2-3 days) of the tooth canals in order to stop inflammation and disinfection. Manufacturer Latus (Ukraine).


Forms of release of Yodotemp 25:

- 3 g of pasta 

- 3 cannulas

REF 2705


Iodotemp 25 composition :

- iodoform 25%, camphor, thymol;

- zinc oxide and paste former.


Benefits of Yodotemp 25:

1. Iodotemp 25 is a plastic paste with a characteristic iodoform odor. The paste is applied by direct injection into the canal at the first or second visit, as appropriate, since it excludes the Iodotemp 25 pretreatment of the canals.

2. The paste does not harden, thanks to this, the treatment can be resumed during the next visit, eliminating the risk of making the canal inaccessible as a result of its complete and final filling.



How to use Iodotemp 25:

1. Open the pulp chamber, clean and expand the entrance to the canals, using liquid for

channel expansion or gel-like lubricant.

2. The gel lubricant is washed with warm water and dried with a weak jet of compressed air.

3. A small amount of Iodotemp 25 paste is introduced with a canal filler into the upper part of the canal, and then to the bottom of the cavity using a plugger; the layer thickness should be approximately 0.2 ... 0.5 mm. 

4. Remove excess paste and fill with temporary cement (dentin paste). 

5. At the next visit, remove the temporary filling, Iodotemp 25 paste and, if necessary, reapply or Iodotemp 25 finally fill the canal. 

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